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Welcome to the largest Metal Detecting Patches website

As a fanatic metal detector finder, I am also a large collector of metal detector patches from all over the world, through buying, exchanging and receiving a lot from very nice fellow searchers from home and abroad.
As a collector, I am always looking for new and old patches that I do not have in my collection. My collection of patches go neatly into photo frames so that they remain beautiful and well-preserved and do not go on the search coat for which they are ultimately intended and are lost after a few years because the coat is worn out.
On the contrary, it is nice to see what is in circulation, hence this website with more than 190 different patches.

Do you also have something that you do not do anything with, I would be delighted with it. On average I also have about 7 patches when interested to trade.

The metal detector patches can be sent to;


Danny van de Pol

Hertenlaantje 3

3766 AA Soest

The Netherlands


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Garrett Search Team
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Diggin Texas Charles Garrett memorial hu
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Sondel Freunde.jpg
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Prospecteurs 44.jpg
Detectorists Limouzi since 2015.jpg
Le repere des prospecteurs 2015.jpg
Minelab Duitsland.jpg
Franken Sondler.jpg
C.Scope metal detectors.jpg
Sondler Bayern.jpg
MMD Michigan Metal Detecting rule the di
Laplaine Cauloise.jpg
Limes MD.jpg

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Sondler Bayern (vierkant).jpg
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Federation of independent detectorists 1
Pancernu swiat MKS.jpg
Une passion abant tout detection de lois
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XP metal detectors (vierkant).jpg
Tempelburg stowarzyszentie historyczno k
Western & Eastern treasures since 1966.j
metal detector Ceska Republika.jpg
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Metal Detecting patch Danny.jpg
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Detectival 2019 Minelab.jpg
Languedoc detection.jpg
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Ribellu 83 Detection.jpg
Deutsche Sondenganger Union (ex unitate
Metal detecting Group - team of the worl
Guyzmo detection (2).jpg
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XP team usa.jpg
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Metal detecting rally 2017 RZUCEWO Polan
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Thames Valley metal detectors associatio
Garrett metal detectors 1.jpg
Garrett metal detectors 2.jpg
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